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Here is The Dutchess playing piano

on a Netherlands T.V. show.

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Here is The Dutchess latest interview with

Celebrity Stone writer Christy  

" With all the hype surrounding the Royals

these days, there’s a new Duchess to pay

attention to. She’s not from British decent,

or from the Royal regime, but she’s

definitely making waves on the North

American music scene. You may know
her for her breakout rock track ‘Phoenix’ or

for her amazing title in the Guinness Book

of World Records 2012 for the Longest

Fingernails (female). But in an exclusive

interview with The Celebrity Stone, I got an

interesting look into the other sides of The

Duchess, the many different angles that

make her so unique! "
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About "Phoenix" the single

The first single "Phoenix" is the face of the album "Live And Let Live". It's lyrics are about you doing what you dream about no matter what who believes in you. The song is about rising from the ashes of all lifes setbacks and doubt from others and still pursuing you and your goals. 

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